Brand Reboot by Mark Evans

Brand Reboot

It's Time to Stand Out from the Crowd


The Brand Reboot course shows you how to do customer discovery, identify and showcase the biggest benefits of your product, how to stand out from the crowd, and outflank the competition.

In Brand Reboot, I'll deliver insight and guidance on how to buyer personas and the buyer's journey, as well putting the spotlight on how your product is unique or different.

Using the free Story Spark workbook, you can take the course and see your ideas come to life so start making an impact on your business.

If you're wondering about Mark Evans, I'm an entrepreneur and marketing consultant who helps startups and fast-growing companies grow even faster. Learn more at

What's included?

Video Icon 14 videos


Audience Refresh
10 mins
Buyer Persona
7 mins
The Buyer's Journey
6 mins
Benefit Basics
4 mins
Define a Benefit
3 mins
Identify Key Benefits
3 mins
Choose Key Benefits
3 mins
Difference Maker
Inside Out
5 mins
Outside In
4 mins
Competitive Analysis
7 mins
6 mins
6 mins
Razor Sharp Reboot
The Final Step
2 mins
Your New Story
2 mins

I help fast-growing companies grow even faster with marketing that actually works

I work with companies looking for strategic and tactical guidance and services to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and sales growth. My services include messaging and brand positioning, strategic planning, content development and coaching.