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Want to drive more brand awareness, leads, and sales?

You need a story that engages, educates, and encourages. Good storytelling starts with a great answer to "What do you do?"

To help you create a better, smarter answer, I created Story Spark, a free course that features six videos, a user-friendly framework, and a workbook.

Story Spark shows you how to craft a story that makes people ask more questions and have longer conversations.

You may be asking "Who is Mark Evans?". I'm an ex-journalist and a marketing consultant who helps startups and fast-growing companies grow even faster. I focus on messaging and brand positioning, strategy and content to drive awareness, leads, and sales.

I also wrote a book, Storytelling for Startups, that helps entrepreneurs embrace the power of story-driven marketing.

What's included?

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So What Do You Do?
4 mins
How to Use the Framework
2 mins
Story Spark Framework.pdf
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The Story Spark Workbook
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Story Spark Framework
Precision: Target Audience & Benefits
8 mins
What Do You Mean?
4 mins
How Are You Unique?
8 mins
Let's Accelerate Your Storytelling!
2 mins
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I help fast-growing companies grow even faster with marketing that actually works